Television Installation-- Mounting a television on the wall or over the fireplace will help you achieve a sleek look, adding to the room’s décor.  A correctly mounted television will hide any wires and provide an optimal viewing angle for maximizing your viewing experience.

Custom Home Theater--​ A home theater can be very different based on the customer's vision.  Some envision a dark secluded room with a large screen and authentic cinema-style chairs. Others think of it as a casual entertainment area where the screen blends in with the room and presents sporting events and movies.  This wide spectrum is what makes a custom home theater special. Either way, enjoying a movie with the family at home surpasses standing in lines, sticky floors and overpriced popcorn at the movie theater any night.

Distributed Video System-- Distributed video allows a single video source, like a satellite receiver or Blu-ray player, to be shared between multiple TVs that are connected to a video switch. This can provide some pretty amazing advantages. The biggest of which is minimizing the amount of sources you would need for every TV in your home or business. 

Digital Signage is used to inform and persuade, and it’s popping up in public spaces all over the world. Retailers and transit systems using digital signage are increasingly common, and every day more and more campuses, government institutions and corporations are finding their own ways to benefit from this increasingly affordable technology.


Residential surveillance systems help you monitor your home... Just because it's out of sight, it is never really out of mind.  Protect your home from intruders, theft, and property damage. Surveillance systems give you a direct view of your home, so you can see for yourself that your home is secure from hundreds of miles away when you're on vacation, or checking on deliveries while at work. 


Commercial surveillance systems-- When it comes to security for your business, don't settle for less than the best. These systems provide effective and affordable protection for employees and property through real time access.  You can view, monitor and record everything in the interior and exterior of your business.



​​​​Surround Sound System-- Surround sound audio envelops you in the action of movies and the ambiance of musical performances. It means a speaker in virtually every corner of the room, projecting high-quality digital sound from all angles just as though you were in a theater.

Distributed Audio Systems-- If you wish to listen to a podcast or your favorite workout playlist in your exercise room, listen to broadcast radio in the kitchen, or internet radio in the backyard, distributed audio allows you to enjoy music in various rooms of the house through the music service of your choice such as Pandora, Spotify or iTunes.


Automated Lighting Control-- An automated lighting control system is where ambiance, convenience, and energy efficiency meet. It allows you to make your home appear occupied when you are away or dim the lights of a restaurant for dinner patrons.  We can automate your lighting to a specified schedule or a single touch.  You can also control the lighting with shades throughout the house using a hand held remote, smart phone or a wall-mounted keypad.

​Landscape Lighting-- Outdoor lighting can transform your whole home in both appeal and function. Perhaps you want to set a soft, romantic mood during the evening hours. Maybe you have a bench or a shadowy garden corner you need to illuminate for security reasons. Whatever the need, we can help you achieve the outdoor look you desire with outdoor lighting.